Senior Year – Band Pictures

The boys just had Band Camp for high school marching band. They spend 5 days practicing music and marching through their show. This year it The Sound of Music! Awesome. And I love hearing my teenage boys humming the songs all evening. It’s going to be  a great show. One of the traditions is to take a group photo of the Seniors in the band. So Thursday after lunch they gathered at the park all cleaned up. I think there are 44 of them this year – a pretty big group! I snuck down there on my lunch to snap some shots myself.

Such a good looking bunch!

And what a handsome bunch of guys!

I actually made it through this one without getting all sappy and sad. Maybe this will be easier than I thought? Maybe if I just focus on taking pics of everything, I won’t think about how many “lasts” we are going through?

Ok, don’t know who I’m kidding. This is gonna be hard and exciting. But, so far, no tears!

{No, the school year hasn’t started, but still…}


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  1. Cindy Neely

    Judy – I know there will be many “lasts” this year….but just think how many “firsts” there will be nex year! That will be so exciting!!

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