Thank you thank you for all your feedback! I love hearing from you and knowing someone is out there. I suppose it’s akin to being a Mom, it’s just nice to know someone is listening to you every now and then:).

It's mighty warm here this week!

I have so many new posts in my head, I think it might explode! I just don’t have time to get anything on paper this week. Maybe on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, I don’t have anywhere to go this weekend! That is a first in a really long time and I need that. I’ve been so busy doing so many fun things that I am completely behind on everything! I need a weekend at home to regroup, make a plan and get something done.

Can't believe this mural is still on the wall in the commons!

I had a fabulous time at my 25th class reunion last weekend! Much more to come on this…a very surreal experience. And so many hilarious moments. I think my quote for the event would be, “Hey….” That was my standard response for all the times I saw someone I knew I should know, but had no idea what their name was. Hey…..you! They really should have provided nametags:).

There's nothing like spending time with people who have known you your whole life.

Speaking of hey or hay. I have more to share about our family vacation last month. It was epic as the kids would say. We started keeping a list of quotes from the trip. Silly or even stupid things that were said. Unfortunately one of us had and abundance. Can’t wait to share them. Here’s a teaser….we saw a lot of trucks hauling hay. Upon which someone would say, “Hay!” causing someone else, who shall remain nameless, to say, “What?” Like that never gets old. How could someone fall for it that many times. I think she just had a lot on her mind – cut her some slack!

I took engagement pictures for my oldest niece this weekend. It was scary and SUPER fun! I hope to post some on my photo blog soon – if she gives me the go-ahead. If not maybe I’ll post them with faces blurred out. Or better yet black boxes over their eyes to protect the innocent! I’m excited to do the wedding pics; its gonna be so very much fun!

The Eagle Scout project is moments from completion! Can you believe it?! And, barring any catastrophes, he will finish a month before his 18th birthday. And this mamma will breathe a huge sigh of relief…for about a minute before getting on Middle Son’s case to get his done! I can’t believe I have to live thru two more! I’ll share pics of the project after its delivered.

The kids are all registered for school. It’s going to be an awesome year. Its bitter sweet. I’m so craving the structure of the school year for the kids. I think I might be a little jealous that they get to spend the summer playing, sleeping in and doing whatever suits their fancy. So not fair. But, I’m also sad that I didn’t get to spend more time with them. We didn’t even buy pool passes this year. Didn’t go to Theater in the Park once. No fireworks together. I’ll plan better next year. And we did do some really awesome things as a family! So, no crying over spilled milk. Senior year is upon us. Does anyone have a tissue?

Oh and I got a great cut and color! Nothing like that to give a girl her sass back!

The price we pay for good color!

That’s a lot of randomness…


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  1. Letha Markwardt

    Great blog. Sounds like a very busy summer that flew by for you but maybe not for your boys. I like the way it all flows when you write. Keep it up.

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