Spray Sun Screen…No Thank You!

Our family vacation took us to Galveston Island this year. We love spending time on the beach, but this is the farthest south we have been. It was a great trip, but we learned  a valuable lesson. Spray on sun screen doesn’t work. Not the way I would expect it to anyway. I thought spray sun screen could be sprayed on. Technically, it can. However, you might want to reconsider this if I had pictures I could show you of our family members who used spray on sun screen. Unfortunately, none of them would consent to being photographed {let alone allow me to post a pic here!} You see there is a step involved with spray on sun screen that isn’t obvious from the name. I think you have to rub it all over after you spray it on. It doesn’t say that in the name. It’s called spray on sunscreen. That should mean you spray it on. Shouldn’t it? And before you ask, I don’t know what the directions say. I shouldn’t have to read the directions on sunscreen for crying out loud. It’s not rocket science! {Which by the way is weird to say considering the current state of our country’s space program. Will the meaning of the phrase change? Time will tell. But I digress…} I should be able to put sun screen on my family without having to read the directions. Spray sun screen should be sprayed on.

So that’s what we did. My husband dutifully sprayed it all over Youngest Son’s back chest and down his arms. After we had been at the beach for a while I sprayed it on Hubby and Oldest Son. Middle Son, being the uber-responsible boy he is applied four times during the day. I think this may have been key. We spent four and a half hours at the beach that day. It was beautiful. And oh so hot! We didn’t get an umbrella – umbrellas are for wimps.

As we packed up to go home, I noticed lines on Youngest Son’s back. It looked like he had leaned against something; you know the way a chair back can leave marks on your back? Just three red lines going diagonally down his back. When we got back to the hotel, and I noticed they were still there. Hmm…that’s strange. Then I notice the stripe down the top of his arms. What the heck?!

Oh, no. “Hubby, you suck at applying sunscreen! Look at his sunburn!” Clearly, he didn’t spray it evenly. If you spray it evenly, it would give you good coverage. He must have just done it quickly. And then I looked at him. And I burst out laughing. We all did. Hubby was striped too! And so was Oldest Son! Clearly we both failed at applying. But really? If it’s spray on shouldn’t you be able to spray it on and not end up with stripes?

If I had known that’s how it worked I might have had some fun with it. You know, draw smiley faces on their backs. Maybe a cute little heart?  Something more creative than stripes! So now you know. Have fun with your spray on sun screen, but if you actually want protection from the sun you’ll have to get dirty. Go the old fashioned route and rub the sunscreen on with your hands.



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2 responses to “Spray Sun Screen…No Thank You!

  1. Letha Markwardt

    Funny funny. Oh how I would like to have seen them. Do they still have stripes.

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