Senior Year – Pictures

I’m pretty excited! We have Oldest Son’s Senior pictures this weekend! The first of many, “I can’t believe we are …” moments I’m sure. I didn’t do the same kind of research for this that I normally would. This one happened more by gut. I stumbled into the whole blogging world last year when a new co-worker told me about her blog. Very quickly I found Whatever and was hooked. I started reading her archives and found I really enjoyed her honesty and her kind spirit. But most of all, I loved her pictures! She does a fabulous job of making the everyday look inviting. She captures a feeling in her pictures that I really like. I love how she embraces color and how she uses different perspectives to make ordinary things seem intriguing. And it just so happens, she lives in Kansas! How lucky are we?

I showed Oldest Son her blog and asked what he thought of the pics. That’s when I found out. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. I bet you know what’s coming…..This is a bigger deal to me than to him! I know right? Shocking!

He thought the pictures looked good. He wasn’t totally impressed like me. Oh well. He will be there and I’m sure Meg will capture his personality beautifully. And I will love the pics and have a hard time narrowing them down. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for Oldest Son.

I’m also excited because I will get a disk with edited photos that I can put into a book, make prints, share with friends, etc. This was important to me; to have the freedom to use the pictures. I completely value the talent that it takes to get a great picture and I’m happy to pay for that. But I want the freedom to be able to do what I want with the pictures afterwards.

So there you have it. Senior pictures this weekend! I think I’ll take pics of the photog taking pics:). Might be a fun perspective to share. I’m just glad Oldest Son isn’t Oldest Daughter or I think I would be feeling a lot more frazzled right now.


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  1. Cindy

    I took pictures of the photographer taking pictures of Kyle when he had his senior pics done. It was part of the process and I wanted to remember that day…..but someone on Facebook totally made fun of me for posting that pic. But I won’t make fun of you…..I wanted to document that day just like any other big experience!

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