Sushi and Chicago Style Dogs

Ok, I did it! I tried two new foods in one month! If you know me, you know that’s a big deal. I’m a pretty picky eater. I prefer to say I have a discerning palate. I did learn from Oldest Son’s psychology class that I am a super taster, which explains why I hate most vegetables. They are bitter and bad. It also explains why I really question wait staff when they tell me something is not spicy. I usually clarify by saying, “I think mild taco sauce is pretty hot. Is it really not spicy?” Which usually results in a, “well in that case you might think it has a bit of a kick.” I’ve passed many a dish on to Hubby cause I couldn’t handle the heat.

So two new foods in a month’s time! Amazing!

The first was on the church youth mission trip. Our awesome staffer took us on a side trip after our first day of work. He is a major Cubs fan and took us to the hallowed land; Wrigley Field. On our walk around the stadium he pointed out his favorite place to get a Chicago Style Dog. They youth all thought it was a great idea so in we went. We bought a couple to split. In case you aren’t familiar, a Chicago Style Dog has mustard-yum, relish-yuck, raw onion-yuck, tomato-yuck, a jalapño pepper-major yuck, and a dill spear-yum! I threw caution to the wind and took a bite. And I didn’t throw up. But that is the last Chicago Style Dog I will eat. Thanks Chicago, but no thanks! I’ll stick with your pizza – that you do amazingly well.

And just a few short weeks later, at a birthday party for dear friends, I was presented with another challenge. Try sushi. {I think there was actually a bet laid down that I would like it. Good thing we didn’t shake on that or he would be out some money!} I ate one whole piece of sushi. I tried to give the second half to Hubby. That wasn’t happening. He knows his comfort zone and it does not include eating sushi. So I ate the other half. And now I’m done. I don’t have to wonder if maybe I would like it. I don’t. It wasn’t horrible. I didn’t throw up or anything {that would have been embarrassing since I was at the birthday party with lots of friends}. I think it was crab with seaweed and rice. Rice is fine, didn’t taste the seaweed, but the crab is not my thing.

So, I can check something off my 101 in 1001 –  Try a new food!


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