Upcycled Centerpieces

You might have seen my collection of wine bottles. I mentioned in this post that I’m working on a project with used wine bottles. Well, the project is done! It was super easy….except….for getting the labels off the bottles! I might start buying wine based on how easily the label will come off. I started by soaking the bottles in hot water with a little vinegar in it. I left it for at least an hour. When I came back, some of the labels were floating in the water. Others…not so much. The best method I came up with is to scrape the label off with a paring knife. Then pour on some Goo be gone and rub with a nylon pan scraper. Some of the labels take a healthy dose of elbow grease.

I made these for a baccalaureate reception at church. I chose bright fun colors, to coordinate with our logo.

I decided the light green just didn’t fit with the intensity of the other colors so it was out!

I used my great curbside find to hold the bottles while I painted them. I have to wonder what the previous owner used this for?? Curious. But it worked perfectly for me after Oldest Son put a stabilizer on them.

It took 2-3 coats for each bottle. The key is multiple lighter coats of paint so the paint doesn’t run. When that is dry – at least 24 hours –  set them upright and spray the top since that will be seen when they are on the tables.

Now you can decorate as you wish. I chose to wrap the bottles with colorful papers and add a letter to each one. Since it was for baccalaureate I went with CONGRATS on the bottles for the serving table. I gathered twigs from our redbud tree in the backyard to go in the bottles. I also wanted to give a little inspiration to the pieces so I printed quotes about learning and life. Then matted these with colorful papers and used needlepoint floss to  hang the tags from the branches. The final touch was pieces of ribbon to bring some color to the branches. Here’s the finished product for the serving table.

The hang tag is a quote from John Wesley.

We made a simpler version for the centerpieces on the eating tables. I love the bright colors and the simple tags.

The tables for the baccalaureate turned out great! It just looked like a party:)!

The serving tables on the bridge.

I  want to thank Katie Grace Designs for the inspiration for this project. I stumbled on her blog while searching blogland for some inspiration. I loved her Thanksgiving centerpiece and used it as a jumping off point for my design. And thank you to Karen and Tracy who helped me with all the papercraft on the project! They tried to keep my perfectionist nature in check…somewhat unsuccessfully!

I love that this project used items that would have gone to the recycling bin!



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4 responses to “Upcycled Centerpieces

  1. Tracy

    they look awesome!

  2. Judy, I love them! The table looks awesome. It was so nice to see you last week. Thanks for coming to the convention center.

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