How Can It Be?

I don’t understand how it happens. It isn’t logical and just doesn’t make sense. All the members of my family have two feet. So how does this happen?

These are the unmatched black socks in our house TODAY! We have just as many unmatched white socks! If everyone has two feet, how can we have so many unmatched socks? It seems like a person would take both socks off at the same time – at least the same day. So they should end up in the same load of laundry. I would think. And I’m pretty sure they would both get dirty. It’s not like when you wear them sometimes the right foot just doesn’t work as hard as the left and doesn’t need to be washed.

Oldest Son suggested we donate all our socks and start over with all the same socks. Then all these could be matched up. I don’t think that would work. A couple people in my family have issues with wrinkles in their socks and I’m pretty sure its the two with the smallest feet! Can you imagine having to wear the socks after Mr. Size 12 has worn them and stretched them all out! Just gives me the heeby-jeebies!

I’ve seen little clips that go on the toe of your dirty socks to keep them together in the wash. It’s a good enough idea, but I think it would take a little too much effort keeping track of the clips and putting them on before washing. We are lucky to get them to the laundry basket – I usually find a pair or two under the coffee table every night.

I think our only hope of reducing the unmatched sock basket contents lies in duct tape. If we just duct tape everyone’s socks on they could wash them when they shower. It might take a little extra dry time, but that’s where the hair dryer would come in handy. We would never have unmatched socks, because you would never take them off. We would spend far less money on socks too!

I wonder if I can spin this so they guys think its a great idea?



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2 responses to “How Can It Be?

  1. What about those little laundry bags that zip closed? Could you maybe have a place that hangs next to the hamper so all socks go in there and then just zip and throw into the wash. It could maybe eliminate the problem for all the socks that at least make it to the hamper. Just a thought… good luck. There are only 2 of us and we already have this problem!

    • Good idea Becca. I might have to try that – at least for my own! I’m a little more particular than the rest about my socks matching exactly:). I think it’s one of those things that is a problem regardless of how many people there are….its just exponential!

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