I have a secret…

You can’t tell anyone. I’ve seen some friends post about it on facebook. Making fun of those who do it. I almost admitted, I’m one of them. Just a little bit. And I liked it! A LOT! I wanted to do some more, but I ran out of time. It was kind of thrilling. And a little bit embarrassing. Not too embarrassing, or I wouldn’t have done it. 

Tomorrow is Tidy Town day in our neighborhood. That’s the day when the garbage truck will pick up all the huge pieces they normally refuse. So everyone in the neighborhood has piles by the street. Piles of their junk. But you know the saying…One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. I love recycled crafts! I find it challenging to take something old and seemingly garbage, and repurpose it into something beautiful. Something creative and personal. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I’ve even blogged about a couple projects. And I have lots more to share with you. Maybe when you see the finished products you won’t judge me quite so harshly. Or maybe you still will.

So here’s my secret…I picked up things people had piled along the street! Several things. And I wanted to look for more! I kind of wanted to stay ahead of all the pickups that were casing the neighborhood. I might miss something good. Problem is, we were in the Camery. There isn’t a lot of room for great finds when you already have four people in a Camery. We put down the windows and let things stick out! And then, when we got home, I sent Oldest Son and Youngest Son back with the van for some things that didn’t fit in the Camery. Can you believe that?! 

You want to know what I got don’t you? I know you do. You’re thinking, “There’s nothing cool enough to make me stop along the road, get out of my car and load it up.”

Well, I disagree. And I didn’t have to get out of the car. Remeber I had three family members with me. The ones who are obligated to do as I ask. But they did go willingly. I didn’t even have to threaten them. They kind of got into it too. 

You’re gonna be jealous when you see what I got. If you have a creative eye. If you can see the potential. If not, I feel bad for you – you’re missing out. It’s so fun to look at something and imagine what it might become.

So you want to see? Here they are. My amazing finds!

The coolest ladders. There are three of them here. It was one big wooden extension ladder. The person who put it by the curb cut it into pieces. Bummer. But they fit in my flower bed perfectly. So, yay! They are old and worn and used. And I can only imagine what they have been through.

Isnt’ it awesome?! I love it. I have one more piece that is just two or three rungs long. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet. Something will come to me.

Then there is this one.

Look at the paint spatters. They’re real. This ladder has been used by someone…for a long time. It’s pink! And Blue! Do you see the potential? I do!

It’s going to become something cool. I just don’t know what quite yet.

I do have a plan for these though. {No, I did not drink all this wine. Like I very emfatically told Middle Son’s study partner that saw them tonight. And there are more bottles…lots more!}


It involves removing the labels and painting them. It’s going to be a great centerpiece when I’m done. But, I needed something to put them on when I spray paint them. I was thinking about poking sticks in the yard so I could put the bottles upside down on them and paint the whole bottle. I was thinking it might look quite odd. That’s when I drove by these.

It’s PERFECT! I can spray 16 bottles at once! And it was laying by the street.

One man’s garbage…exactly what I was looking for.

I’m going to mark my calendar for the next Tidy Town and make sure I’m driving the van!


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