Mission {ALMOST} Accomplished

Today was the day. I set a goal with a deadline of April 20, 2011. Today. I didn’t reach my goal. I worked hard at it and came so close. And now I’m having an exercise in cutting myself some slack.

I started this blog one year ago today. I was pretty slow getting started. Make that very slow. But I’ve certainly picked up in the last few months. It’s been an interesting journey. I’ve learned a few things about myself.

  1. I have to be in the mood to write. I have 18 posts in draft form. Ideas I’ve started that I just haven’t been able to finish. For one reason or another the words just don’t come. Other times I can pound out two or three posts in one sitting. There’s just no predicting it.
  2. I like talking about my family. They make me laugh (and cry every now and then). They challenge me and test me and push me to my limits. Often. And I love it!
  3. I like Comments! I love getting an email that there is a new comment on my blog. And so far, people are nice. Maybe that means its just my friends reading my posts:). They wouldn’t be mean to me:).
  4. Writing uses muscles I haven’t used in quite some time. And that’s a good thing! Its fun to do something new.
  5. I’m happier and more balanced when I take time to do something for me. Something like writing. It’s time consuming and takes commitment to blog regularly. But when I take a little time each day to focus on writing, I’m a little happier. And that’s a good thing.

So, what was my goal you ask? When I hit 30 posts in late February I decided it would be neat if I could reach 52 by the one year anniversary of my blog. That would be like writing 1 post per week. Considering I started out doing about two posts per month, that would be a great average. I had to crank out almost a post a day, which isn’t much for some people. It was a lot for me. And if you’ve read many of my posts you know I have a very busy family. I tried to write a couple posts a day on the weekend to balance out those week nights when I had no time.

I came very close, but I didn’t reach my goal. This is my 45 post. And I’m ok with that. Maybe I’ll hit 52 by the end of the month. Ultimately, this is a hobby, something I do for fun. I have enough stress in my life without creating artificial deadlines.

Yay for blogging! Yay for finding my voice! Yay to you for reading what I write! I appreciate you.



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2 responses to “Mission {ALMOST} Accomplished

  1. Denice

    I love reading your blogs. We all have so much spinning in our brains, this is a great way to get it out and get on to the next thought.

  2. Cindy

    You go girl! I have enjoyed reading your posts and finding the humor in your family life.

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