Of Tuxedos and Teenagers

It’s prom season. Oldest Son is going to his junior prom in a couple weeks and I am getting schooled in tuxedos and teenagers. As I remind the boys often, I was never a teenage boy. Thus, I have a few things to learn. My first lesson; it’s more complicated than it looks. I always thought all the guys have to do is pick a color, rent a tux and they’re done. Not so fast girly! Did you want one, two or three button? Double-breasted? Notched collar? There are a whole lot of options.

Then there is the question of rent or buy. They tell you if you wear a tux twice a year it’s cheaper to buy. With two proms and symphonic band I think we have that covered. But, it’s not my decision. We told Oldest Son he has to fund this fun. So, he tried on an inexpensive tux and a very pricey tux. The very pricey tux was beautiful. The less expensive tux looked good. Being the practical guy he is, he went with the less expensive version and paid for rush shipping. It’s at the tailor as I write being altered. {Thank goodness he’s watched many episodes of FRIENDS and knew not to let the tailor measure his inseam the Joey Tribiani way!}

But that is only the beginning. We also need a vest and tie. There are about 20 styles of vest {as a girl, I had no idea!} and you can elect for the Windsor style or bow tie. Apparently, the bow tie is still the hip way to go in our neck of the woods {Ha! that was funny:) }. You can get the bow tie to match the vest or in a coordinating color. And there is actually some creativity here with some fun colors and patterns. Speaking of color, you have a myriad of options here too. You can go with a neutral or try to match your date’s dress color. This is not as easy as it seems. I’ve jaunted around town looking for the perfect shade of pink to match her fuchsia/raspberry dress. Lots of vests come close…but nothing is quite right. We checked out material to make one, but thankfully couldn’t find anything exciting.

But wait…..the search comes to a screeching halt.

The fuchsia/raspberry dress comes and it doesn’t fit right. We’re changing to the other dress. And it’s purple! Not true purple, but that fabric that changes colors from different directions. {The dress is beautiful! And she was sweet enough to bring it over and show me so I know what purple I’m looking for.} So now the search is on for a purple vest and tie. Do they come in purple? Better yet, do they come in that purple? Who knows! There is always a great platinum option {not to be confused with silver. Silver is so 90s!} Maybe a silver vest with a purple bow tie? And then the shoes. Which style to go with; traditional patent leather, square toe, spectator, maybe a matte finish? Again, I thought it was just black shoes!

Its been an amusing experience. And I’m so glad he’s letting me in on the fun! I can’t wait to see how gorgeous they look when the night actually arrives. After he finds the vest and tie and picks shoes and orders flowers and confirms dinner reservations and cleans the car and buys the dance tickets and the after prom party tickets. So much to do!

But I think the most shocking thing I have learned in this process is where the guy rates. I stopped by a salon, that is advertising at the high school and donating a percentage back to the after prom party, to check into tux rental. I went in the front door and didn’t see a salesperson or even where I should wait for one. Then I noticed a counter through a doorway. So I walked up to the counter and waited. A very nice young lady came up and asked if she could help me. I told her I was looking for a tux for my son. I thought her reply was a joke.

“Oh, ok. If you’ll go back out the front door and down the steps to the basement there is a door there. That’s where the tuxes are.”

{Bewildered look on my face.}

“Right this way, out that door. See the cement steps to the basement?”

“The ones outside?”

“Yes, go right down those steps and in the door there and they can help you.”


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One response to “Of Tuxedos and Teenagers

  1. Ann

    Judy – Your Tuxes and Teenagers bit was hilarious. We just went through the same thing with Jack….we were trying to match redish/pinkish shoes. We were also sent down the stairs/in the basement through the back door…..funny!

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