Am I Really a Grownup?

I had a surreal moment recently. I was at the grocery store with Oldest Son picking up a few things. He was chatting with the checker who rang up our order. It was a pleasant conversation and an uneventful trip. Until we started to walk out of the store. Suddenly I had the strangest feeling. Like a “who am I” moment. Where am I and how did I get here? What happened? I don’t think it was a stroke or momentary amnesia. It was a strange awareness that I’m not as young as I think I am. You see, my son drove me to the grocery store. And he didn’t really need me along. He has a car, and a debit card, and a job at that grocery store. I have a son with a job. And a driver’s license. And a debit card, with money in the bank.

 Wasn’t I just the mom of three toddlers? I remember it pretty distinctly. Kind of like it was yesterday. I tried to savor every minute…and that’s not easy with three toddlers! So, how did I fast forward to the grocery store with my 17 year old son?

I think I know part of the reason. There might be a couple actually. I’m the youngest in my family – the family I grew up with, not my current family cause I’m older than my kids…apparently. I’m the baby. Still. In my 40s I’m the baby. I’m always the youngest. And I’m reminded of it fairly regularly when we are together. Even when we are having a seemingly adult conversation, something can pop up. One of those reminders that I’m not as old as the rest of them.  Its ok, just a reminder. So consequently, I don’t feel very old.

The other reason has to do with our friends. Apparently we stared having kids younger than all our friends. So, although we hang out with people who have kids the same age as ours, we are younger than nearly all of them. We are used to being the young’uns in the crowd.

See, everywhere I go I’m the young one. So how do I have kids this old? Clearly, I was a child bride!



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2 responses to “Am I Really a Grownup?

  1. Love it! ;D That made me smile! ;D

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