iHeart our Pediatrician

I love great customer service! And I love when the businesses I frequent seem pleased to have my business. I took Middle Son to the pediatrician yesterday and I left smiling. Partly because he doesn’t have strep, but mostly because it is always a positive experience there.

I ♥ our pediatrician!

We’ve been taking the boys to him since they we moved to Kansas 13 years ago. We kind of stumbled on to him. I didn’t know hardly anyone when we moved here, but Youngest Son was only 1 week old so I had to find someone pretty quickly. I checked with our insurance provider for names of docs who were on our plan, then I asked the few people I knew for recommendations. We decided on a large practice because I thought we would have less difficulty getting in when we needed to – and with three boys under 5 that was often! It was happenstance that we ended up with Dr. Bush, but what a pleasant happenstance.

We have always been happy with him – and I always thought either he takes good notes or he really remembers us. As the boys have gotten older it’s apparent he genuinely cares about them. He talks to the boys about their health, activities, concerns and interests. He listens to what they say.

We have presented our share of challenges. Like the time one son locked himself in the bathroom because he didn’t want to get shots. Somewhere along the line he developed a terrible fear of needles and when he found out he would need two shots that day we were in trouble. He went to the bathroom three times during that appointment. And the last time…he didn’t want to come out. He eventually did, with a lot of negotiating. He had worked himself into such a dither his blood pressure skyrocketed to the point we had to have the school nurse check it weekly as a follow up. Dr. Bush casted Oldest Son’s broken arm after that unfortunate skateboarding accident and scolded him for not wearing a helmet.

Recently, he started a new practice with another doctor and a nurse practitioner. We love the new practice and getting the same great care we’ve always had! And the staff at the office is always courteous and welcoming. It’s truly a refreshing experience.

If you are in the Johnson County area I highly recommend Dr. Todd Bush and Premier Pediatrics!

I did not receive compensation to write this post. It is strictly my opinion.


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