Perfectly Pretty Plate

I found this really cute, simple idea somewhere in blogland. I didn’t bookmark and haven’t been able to find it or I would give credit. {After searching for the original post I saw, I now know there are lots of samples out there!} Some of you know my love of second hand shopping. Well this project was the best of both worlds; a great idea to feed my need for creativity and repurpose a thrift store find. This is so simple…you have to try it yourself. I found these cute snowflake plates. I like them because you could use them for Christmas, and through winter – and they fit with my snowman theme. Use your imagination in finding a “foot” for your plate. I tried lots of different things to see what look I liked.  I used a candle holder – they had several of them at the thrift store.  I spent 99 cents on the plate and 49 cents on the candle holder! Wow, $1.49 – kinda pricey:).

You will need a protected work surface, toothpicks, a dry erase marker, ruler and paper to cut a pattern. You’ll also need the right adhesive. I like E-6000. It’s a one-part epoxy so it holds great, but you don’t have the mess of mixing it. I use if for lots of things; fixing shoes, craft projects, you know, everyday stuff.


First you need to find the center of the plate so you know where to place the candle holder. Turn the plate upside down and lay the paper on the bottom of the plate. Rub the bottom edge of the plate to make an impression on the paper. This gives you a pattern the size of the bottom of the plate.

Cut the circle out on the crease to make the pattern. Then fold the circle in half.

Lay the half circle pattern on the bottom of the plate and use your dry erase marker to draw a line along the edge of the pattern. Turn it and make another line. If you do this several times you will end up with this:

Notice the lines may not all line up, but you will be able to find the center of the plate this way. Then measure the diameter of the candle holder that you will glue to the plate. Divide that number in half to find the radius of the candle holder. {It sounds more complicated than it really is.} Use this number to measure out from your center and make little marks. This is where you will place the candle holder.

Because we used a dry erase marker, you can wipe the lines off before mounting the candle holder. Just don’t wipe away the four marks that indicate the circumference of the candleholder.


 I used a toothpick to apply drops of epoxy to the lip of the candle holder. Follow the directions on the glue.

Carefully place the candle holder on the bottom of the plate using the marks you made.

Now comes the hard part…don’t touch it for 24 hours! It’s hard to wait. But worth it. You want the glue to set completely.

And you’re done! I made three with the snowflake plates and one with a pretty white plate. The snowflake ones all have the same foot, but the white plate has a shorter, wider foot. You can make yours however you want. I like crafts like that! I get the general idea and then I get to make it my own. So, go find a pretty plate and a foot and make your own! Then send me a pic of yours…I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


I had to include this pic cause it made me laugh. This is me. Carefully marking the center of my plate. I had Oldest Son take a couple pictures. I told him to only shoot my hands. When he handed the camera back, this is what I saw. And I think my tongue is sticking out. I do that a lot when I’m concentrating. It’s a family trait.


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  1. Great idea. and, I love the picture of you!

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