Calendar Flair

A couple years ago, hubby and I created two message boards for our kitchen wall. We bought two sheets of metal at the hardware store. We hung them with contact strips (so I can remove them if I decide to redecorate). Hubby put a piece of wood trim around each of them so they look framed. On one of them I put tape up to create 7 sections – one for each day of the week. We write on it with dry erase markers. Every Sunday night I update it for the week with practices, meetings, early dismissal or late starts. I also put who’s taking or pick up who. Sometimes I need a full blown flow chart to keep track of where everyone is going, when they’re going and how they’re getting there and back. 

Digression: We now use google calendar because it syncs with our android phones. We just switched over from Outlook this fall. So far, I like the Google calendar; its pretty intuitive and user friendly. I went in to each family members’ phone and synced their calendar with the family Google calendar. I also love that we can add calendars created by the band booster and other groups. And we can access it from anywhere we have internet.  So now my standard answer when I hear, “Do we have anything going on next Tuesday?” is “Check your calendar.” It’s still a training in process, but I’m making headway. I really dread the weeks when I open the calendar and it looks like this

   I put the kids’ first initial at the beginning of each appointment so we know who has to go. So this day everyone has to be in a different place…at the same time…and only 3 of the 5 of us can drive. Grr. That’s when great friends step in to help! Thank goodness we have good friends! And thank goodness for carpooling!

Back to the point of this post. I wanted to do something to spruce up the message boards – give them a little more character. So, I went to my scrapbook paper collection and started creating. I started with picking a font on the computer. I made huge letters for the first letter and a different smaller font for the rest of the word for each day of the week. Like this

I printed them on off-white cardstock and cut them out to the same dimensions. Each word got mounted on different colors of paper.

I did a little distressing on each card with stamps and stamp pads in colors to match the paper. And then layered them with printed papers – different for each letter.

The words were mounted with some colorful brads onto solid backgrounds and I’m done! Another project completed in an evening. I think they turned out pretty cute! And they totally add some color to our message boards.


Now I want to do one that says NOTES for the other message board. We use it to write to-do lists, jot phone numbers, or leave a note for each other.

So what do you think?



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