The Perfect Number

So what’s the big deal with the family of four? Who decided everything should come in 4s? Family packs to the Baseball game come with 4 tickets, 4 dogs, and 4 drinks. When you stay at the great wolf lodge you get 4 passes to the water park.

I like 5 better! I think its the perfect family size. I think we should change the standard. You have no idea how many hotels we’ve “snuck” one of ourĀ children into. They want us to rent a second room since there are more than 4 of us. Really? Why on earth would I do that!

Maybe we need a name for this movement. Keep 5 alive! (Sounds like the old drive 55 and stay alive campaign.) Strive for 5! (This makes me think of vegetables…eeewww!) Family of 5! (Kind of dry and not very exciting.) Maybe we don’t need a name…

So I just looked up the statistics and now I’m shocked! Did you know that the average number of children per family that has children (confusing, I know, but this average doesn’t include all the families that would be a zero because they don’t have children.) is only…..1.86 for the US!! There are only 2 states that average over 2 children per family with children. Can you guess which states they are? Bet you would guess one of them, but not the other. Utah. Yes, that’s the one I thought you would guess. But, the other one…Idaho! Who knew? I didn’t.

So why did everyone quit having kids? Here’ my total guess at the reason our average has gone down.

  1. We don’t need kids to help us “work the land” We’re pretty spoiled, all we have to do is drive our car to the grocery store and get whatever we need.
  2. Kids are super expensive! Believe me! And when they are teenagers…they eat A LOT.
  3. More people are choosing to have fewer kids so people are coming from smaller families. I think we gravitate to what we know.
  4. I think more people today struggle with fertility than years ago. I don’t know why. I would like to explore this question and I think I have lots of friends who have some ideas.

I don’t think this trend is going to change anytime soon. That makes me a bit sad. I love having three kids! I come from a family of 4 kids. I love when we go home and there are lots of people there! And each of my brothers has 3 kids; none of us went for the 4. I wonder why? I always feel a bit sad for only children. I think they miss out. Please don’t get angry with me if you are or have an only child. I know it’s not always by choice! And even if it is – you get to choose not me:) – thank goodness huh? I just love having brothers. For me siblings are comfort. People who you can always turn to, who know you and love you warts and all. They share stories of growing up; the parents we had, the cars we drove, the pets. I know it’s not that way for everyone; I get that. And if your siblings aren’t people you are close to as an adult, I can see where it wouldn’t motivate you to have lots of kids. But for me, that mattered.

So, I guess I’ll just have to keep “sneaking” my kids in to hotels and paying for my “extra” family member. It’s totally worth it! I wouldn’t change a thing.


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