Defective Scale

I just bought a new scale today. Not because I set some crazy New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get fit. No, we just had a really old scale that was super inaccurate. We got a Cadillac of bathroom scales. Not only does it tell you your weight, but also your body fat, bone mass, BMI, and hydration levels. It’s super cool! And you can program 4 people into it and it will save all your info. {Side note: who decided that 4 was the perfect number for everything? I think 5 is a better number! But that’s another post..} So, you can set your goal weight and it stores your progress.

But it must be defective. So disappointing. It shows I weigh 6-8 pounds more than the old scale! Clearly there is a problem with the new scale. And my percent body fat is just shocking! I think it must be wrong. Don’t you think?

Seriously though, it has made me think a bit about the whole weight thing. It’s a sticky topic. People are pretty sensitive when you start discussing weight. Just watch the clerk at the DMV when they ask you your weight. They know no one wants to answer the question and everyone lies. I’m not a little girl, never really have been. I’ve been overweight for all my adult life. I didn’t think I was overweight as a child or teen, despite the razzing of my dad and brothers. I’m not sure when it changed, probably college. The freshman 15 followed by the sophomore 7, etc. Throw in three pregnancies and here I am – overweight.

But, I just have to wonder if we don’t all have a “set point” that we naturally fall into. Here’s my thinking. I haven’t dieted or made an effort to get more exercise since March. And I haven’t gained any weight. So what gives? (I’m not complaining mind you) If my eating habits are completely to blame for my weight, wouldn’t I continue to gain weight? I get that you have to burn more calories than you take in. I’m not stupid. I guess my point is, I think there are people who are naturally thin and those who are naturally thick :). There are all kinds of body types; all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some people just drew the short straw and happen to be thick in an era when thin is in. Maybe I missed my time – should have been born in the Elizabethan era (or whenever it was) when curvy women were perfect and those skinny women needed some meat on their bones.

There is a stigma today. I’ve heard the comments -even made some of them myself. If you are overweight it’s because you aren’t disciplined, have no will power, don’t work hard enough, just eat crap, and on and on. You probably have diabetes, heart disease and are in generally bad health. If you are thin you’re healthy, disciplined, driven and successful.

It’s not fair. Whaaa! Maybe I should throw myself on the floor, stomp my feet, complain to someone? Lot of good that will do me. Ultimately there is no way to change your genes. So, I will always have to work a little harder to get to and maintain a healthy weight. That’s the breaks. I just hope all the thin people of the world will remember, it isn’t the same for everyone. This is your thing – the break you got. Enjoy it, relish it and remember it when you face whatever your struggle is. We all have our thing.



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2 responses to “Defective Scale

  1. Maria

    Oh yeah I’m there too friend! Maybe for us we are on the 10yr plan – remember we both did WW in 2001. So here we are 2011 – must be time to lose it all again! An Elliptical machine will grace our property before the month is over and I swear I will use it?! The bummer is I love to eat and am over 40 so this will be a helluva a battle.

    • That must be it – 10 year plan for us! I have resolved not to buy any more fitness equipment until I’m faithfully using what I have:)! Good luck with the elliptical!

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