To Resolve or Not to Resolve

That is my current question. New years is the perfect time to think about changes for the coming year. It’s like a clean slate. You can commit to do anything for a year, because you are starting at the beginning. It’s neat and clean. 12 whole months before you to achieve all you dream of doing. 12 pristine months not marred by an oops or slip up. 12 months of potential. It’s tempting. But the failure rate is astronomical. I don’t know the statistics (97% of them are made up anyway), but I know that most new years resolutions are not kept. I’ve made a few in my day. I’ve kept far less. Maybe this year’s list will be a little more do-able. Let’s see…

In 2011 I resolve to….

…do laundry at least once a month and give my family the opportunity to feel the sense of accomplishment in washing, drying, folding and putting away all the laundry the rest of the time.

…maintain my weight rather than loose a bunch. Ok, if I failed at this one it wouldn’t be all bad. I could stand to lose some weight (ok a lot of weight), but I think this is the most broken new year’s resolution so I’m just going to resolve to maintain. How hard can that be?

…start several craft projects. There are so many new things I want to try this year! I’ll have to make a list of what I want to do.

…watch a lot of soccer games. That’s pretty specific! I resolve to go to most of my boys’ games, even those they will be playing outdoors in January and February. I’m a little crazy that way.

…nag my kids incessantly about their long term projects. I also know it probably won’t help.  But I will do it. I will help them set timelines to pace themselves, remind them of the deadlines and give them the stink eye when the night before it’s due they say, “this is gonna take me longer than I thought.”

…not start smoking. I did it for a short time in my college days (didn’t everyone?), but it’s a nasty habit. I can guarantee you I won’t take up smoking this year!

…continue enjoying a glass of wine with friends or a cold beer with my hubby. Everything in moderation.

…keep trying to make a budget and stick to it for one month. This has been on my 101 in 1001 list for 6 months now. I keep trying and eventually I should have had every conceivable unexpected expense crop up so there shouldn’t be any unexpected expenses, right?

…eat a quazi-balanced meal with my family at least once a week. Or maybe once every two weeks -life is quite crazy.

…follow my gut. That little voice inside me that gives me a heads up when I’m about to make a bad decision. You know the one, when you think logically or on paper something looks like the right thing, but deep inside you know it’s the wrong choice or the wrong time for that choice. The older I get the better I have gotten at listening to and trusting my instincts. They don’t lead me astray.

If I were to set some lofty goals for this year they might look something like this…

In 2011 I resolve to…

…exercise 20 minutes every day (or maybe just 5 days a week)

…write at least one blog post per week

…have a family dinner 3 nights per week

…include a vegetable at each of those meals – and actually eat the vegetable myself

…finish all the craft projects I’ve started before beginning a new one (that’s just crazy talk!)

…have a date night with my husband once a week (I’d even settle for once a month:))

…reduce, reuse and recycle a lot!

 …write actual letters to people I care about once a month

…send thank yous for every gift one of my family members receives this year (I’m embarrassed to say we’re terrible about this)

…scrapbook a few hours each week!

Good thing I’m not actually setting those lofty goals or I’d really have to work hard at them since I put it out here in the universe for everyone to see. No pressure there.


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