The Closer

I’d like a closer. I’m great at getting new projects going- especially home improvement projects. I love the creative process and figuring out the solution to each decorating challenge. And I’m quite good through about 3/4 of the process. Then…slowly…I mentally move on. This is where I need a closer; the one who will come in and finish the job. Bring my vision to fruition. Like the salesman who can finish the sale and close the deal. It’s not my husband. He humors me with the projects, but in reality he’d rather I not make any changes. He doesn’t crave change the way I do. I think he prefers consistency. Don’t rock the boat.

Thus the dilema; projects get started, but rarely finished. Sometimes they are very, very close to done. The bathroom for instance. Everything is done except a switch plate for the outlet. It needs to be trimmed down to fit over the trim around the sink tile. This bathroom project took us a year to complete (yes, I’m being a little generous with the word complete since I’ve just confessed its not actually done.). In our defense, it was a pretty big job. We took out a tile surround and replaced the sheet rock, put in new fixtures, did a gorgeous tile job, patched some drywall, retiled behind the sink, new contertop, put up bead board, painted and tiled the floor. We had never tiled before. And we both work full time. But still. If we would just put that switch plate on, it would actually be finished. Well, that and the transition piece between the tile and the laminant floor in the hallway. But we’re so close. Then there’s the crown moulding in the family room. And the counter top for the kitchen island. And the carpet in the living room. And replacing the deck we tore off three or four years ago. My blood pressure is rising as I type. I really want things finished. I just don’t get excited about finishing them.

Just yesterday I was talking with one of my sons’ friend’s mom. She said her son told her how our house is so cool because we are totally remodeling everything in it! I had to come clean and tell her – we’ve had projects going non-stop since we moved in 8 years ago. Not all that glamorous. But it’s nice to know it didn’t scare him away.

I have relatives who do finish things. So it must not be completely hereditary. Of course, the people I’m thinking of are my sister-in-

Ironic that when I went to find a picture of the (almost) finished product...I couldn't find one!

law’s, doesn’t help the heredity arguement. My mom and I are a lot alike. We are creative souls. We love dreaming up the project and figuring out how to make it happen. The excitement is in the possibilities that lie before us. So many different choices.  

So I’m not good at finishing projects. Is it wrong or is it just how I am wired? I mean maybe that is part of the Master plan. What if there was no one who wanted to start a project, no one to dream up the ideas and get everyone pumped about them. That would be sad. No change, nothing new, just the same old same old. So maybe it’s a gift. A gift to be cherished and used. Something not everyone has.

I guess my job is to come to terms with the fact that I’m not the closer. I’m the visionary; the creator; the idea man. I’m good at that and I’m good at figuring out how to make things happen. I’m gonna embrace my creativity and love the starter that I am!



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6 responses to “The Closer

  1. Maria

    Okay so you come over and start some projects around here and I’ll go there and finish ’em up! Just can’t get started here.
    I swear, we need to be neighbors…………

  2. Mom

    Yes I am a starter also and not a closer. You have learned well. My basement is full of started projects that may not get finished in my lifetime (10 years?). But it will not squelch my creativity. Maybe I will use my creativity to finish someof the projects that I have started and put away, because I’ll think they are new ones!! Sigh!

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