Oh No! Not Yet!

Well, it happened. The summer came to an end. The days of sleeping in, working on projects, the slower pace and endless possibilities. It all ended yesterday. School started. And in one day we travelled from relaxed, laid back and full of hope and possibility to deadlines, timelines and structure. I normally thrive on these things. But I wasn’t ready this time. I didn’t have time to transition; to shift gears slowly and deliberately.

I think the older the kids get the faster life goes. Maybe it’s because there are so many more firsts. First day of Middle School is followed two short years later by first day of High School. There’s the first time driving with a permit soon followed by the first solo drive. First day of Marching Band Camp and what seems like weeks later the light show to mark the end of marching season. It all goes by so quickly. It’s hard to be present in every moment.

So n0w school has started and with that comes soccer practice, soccer tryouts, marching band, homework, and new this fall is work for all three boys. Throw into the mix my busy work schedule this time of year and it’s a recipe for disaster.

I can fight it, stomp my feet and say it’s too soon. But, alas, there’s no stopping time. I may as well embrace the schedules, update the calendar and start my to do list.


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