Where we live

Why live in a place with mosquitoes? Or tornados? It’s funny how we look differently at the drawbacks for a place when it isn’t our home. We spent part of a week in Minnesota camping this summer. During our stay I made some facebook entries chastising people for choosing to live in a place with so many pesky mosquitoes when there are other places without them. In reality, every place has it’s down side. People ask if we have lots of tornados in Kansas and comment on how scary that must be. I hear Texas has the biggest cockroaches {isn’t everything bigger in Texas?}. LA has the ridiculous housing costs and DC has the traffic. So, why don’t those things seem to bother the people who choose to live there. {I say choose, because in this century it really is a choice for most of us. We could move anywhere in the country if we really wanted to.}

But we don’t. We live with mosquitoes, traffic and $11 gallons of milk {OK so that’s Hawaii and who wouldn’t be willing to put up with expensive milk to live in Hawaii?!}. I think we are really creatures of habit. We crave the familiar. Not many of us would venture out to a new part of the country without a job relocation. We want the familiarity of having a basement in our house, being able to go to the grocery store we’ve always shopped at, and even calling our favorite drink a soda or a pop.

When I was young I thought I would move to the east coast after college. I couldn’t wait to go where the action was. I was going to head off to the city and not look back, except for visits to family of course. I was intrigued by the unknown; by the infinite possibilities. Alas, I didn’t go east. I went a little ways south eventually:). You see I met this guy in college…and the rest is history. My dreams changed a little. Eventually we moved to a city, not the biggest city, but much larger than the community I grew up in. I love living in Kansas City. One of my favorite things when I moved here was to watch the news on Saturday mornings and see what festivals or community events were going on. I would pack up the boys and go on an adventure. And every week there was something new. That’s the key for me; possibilities! There is always a restaurant I haven’t been to or a store I haven’t shopped at or someone I haven’t met. I love the endless opportunities.

But I also love the familiarity of people I know, having a basement in my house, mowing my lawn, shopping at Hy-Vee and the good old Midwest hospitality. Sure we have tornadoes and really high humidity, but it’s home. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.



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3 responses to “Where we live

  1. Erica

    I love the blob, thanks for sharing! I am glad that you didn’t move to the east coast and you moved a little south 🙂

  2. Maria Hannam

    Great Judy! I tried blogging so many times and fail. Your’s is starting out with a bang! Love and miss you all the time……………!!

    • Ok, so we all know my stick-to-it-ive-ness is not awesome. That’s why I waited a while before sharing:). Maybe I should add that to my 101 in 1001!

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