Culture Fair

Today was the Culture Fair at Gage’s school. Its a project they do every year in 6th grade. The students get to choose countries and then the research begins. They learn about science and technology, the economy, industries, religion, sports and lifestyles of the country. Then they put all the information together in a power point presentation. Throw in some “items” from the country and they are ready to go. They actually spend a month researching and preparing. It’s fun to see what the kids have done and to hear them talk about what they’ve learned. But the part I really enjoy is the food tasting. In addition to the artifacts and power point, each kid brings food from their country! If you know me, you know I’m not a real adventuresome eater. I don’t do mushrooms, most vegetables, anything spicy or odd foods. You might think there would be nothing for me to eat at this festival of international foods. Oh contraire! Think Irish potatoes, French quiche, Greek Baklava, German marzipan, Mexican flan, Russian potatoe cakes. It was heavenly! And the kids did a great job of trying a big variety of foods. Gage said he liked nearly everything he tried – except the marzipan (he doesn’t like almond flavor) and flan.

So the options today were to go with the known foods and play it safe or jump outside the comfort zone and try something new. Both Gage and I stepped out and found some things we really enjoyed. It can be fun to take a risk!


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