To blog or not to blog…

that’s today’s question. I’ve always liked writing. And I’m inclined to think maybe someone wants to hear what I have to say:). Why wouldn’t they? I love writing creative Christmas letters, although I didn’t get around to it this year, and capturing the story of my kids’ lives is important to me. So maybe a blog is the perfect remedy for my writing itch. Time will tell! I guess this is my first option…to blog or not to blog.

I’m struck by how many times a day we are faced with options; choices. We all make so many decisions each day we become immune to the enormity of their impact on our future. From choosing our college or career path to choosing to find something pleasant in a bad situation. Some are big and have lifelong repurcussions; others seem so inconsequential we probably don’t realize we are making them. I hope to notice some of the options my boys, my husband or myself are faced with every day. It might be fun to see which path we choose.


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