Meet the Coaches

Tonight was Meet the Coaches night at the high school. Although Carter is our second child, this was a ‘first’ for us. We didn’t really have big expectations for the evening – probably a good thing. The evening started with a quick, and not-so-helpful, meeting in the gym with the athletic director. Then it was off to the mall where each sport had a table set up with the coach, or a team representative, waiting to answer questions. Here was the first choice; which tables to visit and in what order. It was really a no-brainer for Carter. He’s been playing soccer since he was 4 years old. He has played baseball and basketball, but soccer has always been his main sport. So the soccer table it is, but what else? For a high school freshman choosing where to fit in is a pivotal moment. They have so many opportunities and so many ways to get involved. There is a bit of a sense that he must pick wisely now because he’s setting the tone for his high school career.  He made good choices; bowling and basketball in addition to soccer. Sounds like a good mix. Of course the coaches will have plenty of choices as well. Now its all about conditioning and practice so he can get himself in the best position possible to make the teams.

So, we will add summer weights, basketball camp, soccer camp and summer soccer conditioning to Boy Scout Camp and the mission trip. The summer is shaping up to be another crazy one. At least we have options!


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